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Ryan Reynolds confirms TJ Miller out for X-Force

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May 4, 2018, 12:25 PM EDT (Updated)

The ingenious viral videos and tongue-in-cheek tweets marketing Deadpool and its sequel belie productions that have encountered their fair share of hurdles. The first film took a decade to get off the ground and was largely the product of star Ryan Reynolds’ perseverance. Its sequel, meanwhile, suffered the tragic loss of stuntwoman Joi “S.J.” Harris in a motorcycle crash, the departure of its director, and the total spiraling of one of its co-stars, T.J. Miller.

Miller, who had been accused of sexual misconduct but whose part in Deadpool 2 is expected to remain, was recently charged with calling in a bomb threat. That, coupled with the shadow that the allegations cast on any ongoing project, would put a strain on the actor's prospects as a viable cast member for a film seeking to keep the spotlight on itself and not its stars' personal lives.

Now Miller’s future with the franchise is snapping into focus. In a new interview published by The New York Times, Reynolds would not comment on Miller’s past charges, but would confirm that the actor will “not be in Deadpool’s next film, X-Force.” Since Reynolds almost single-handedly created the first film and helms the second’s marketing push while being its starring face and executive producer, there’s little he can’t control over the series (aside from jabs at Disney).

Reynolds also weighed in on Donald Glover’s recently canceled animated version of the superhero. In March, FX’s Atlanta creator — whom Reynolds considers a genius — lost his show. “I would’ve loved to have seen what he did with that,” Reynolds said. Depending on the success of the sequel, perhaps Reynolds may find his power over the character extends so far as to push his will toward this particular iteration of Deadpool as well.

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