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Ryan Reynolds gives the backstory to Deadpool 2's ‘baby legs’ scene, and its famous cuss-happy catchphrase

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Aug 14, 2018, 9:25 AM EDT

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) walking on a pair of still-growing toddler legs in Deadpool 2 is on the fast track toward achieving the iconic status of Ilsa Lund getting on the propeller plane with her husband, or Rhett telling Scarlett that frankly, he doesn't give a damn.

Granted, the idea of grown man with a pair of baby appendages sounds disturbing beyond belief, but within the context of the Deadpool-verse, it totally works as a hilarious sight gag that draws amazing reactions from the supporting cast. Take, for instance, Weasel (T.J. Miller), who, upon seeing his friend's young, uh, family jewels, makes the comment that Wade is just "shirt c*ckin' it," a phrase that was actually taken from Ryan Reynolds's real-world wife, Blake Lively.

The actor explained this on the movie's audio track, which he did with director David Leitch and screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. 

"Shirt c*cking is a phrase I've heard my wife say when I've wandered out of the bathroom, wearing nothing but a T-shirt," Reynolds says. "And she [says], 'Really? You're shirt c*ckin' it? Really?'" However, when it does happen to him in real life every so often, it's inadvertent. "I'm gonna keep this shirt, but I'm gonna go change the pants and underwear. I'm gonna lose the pants and underwear in one room, but I'm gonna wander into the next room, just shirt c*ckin' it, full Winnie-the-Pooh, and hopefully no one will see me," he continues.

If the sequel was going to call back to Wade's invulnerability, particularly his ability to regrow limbs, they had to go big or go home or in this case, small. Ryan Reynolds couldn't just regenerate an arm, it had to be the entire lower half of his body, and according to Wernick, Reynolds wrote that entire "baby legs" scene himself, which made up 11 pages of the finished screenplay. They all loved it so much that virtually nothing of the first draft was changed.

"It's scary to have an 11-page talking scene in an action movie, but it turned out great," Reynolds says. "Everything rode on the legs, though. If the legs didn't look right, we were gonna be screwed."

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