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Ryan Reynolds goes political in latest trolling of Hugh Jackman

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Nov 3, 2018

The “feud” between Deadpool and Wolverine just got political. Yep. They went there.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are good friends. No two people could attack each other this much without finally coming to blows during the main event of Wrestlemania. From high jacking interviews to trolling within actual movies, it seems like this war will never end, and we are all the better for it.

The man who plays the Merc with a Mouth decided to take things to another arena, politics. Reported by HuffPost, Reynolds posted this video on Twitter yesterday attacking Jackman’s credibility as an award nominee.

Ooph. Let’s hope Logan’s healing factor can help with the scars created by all those burns. From walking away from the X-Men franchise and adding to unemployment to not even being from Australia, Reynolds hit Jackman where it hurts.

Did you think the “best there is at what he does” was going to let this stand? Not on your life. In this response tweet, Jackman is taking his dog for a walk and showed the world what he thinks of Reynolds’ attack (and we can only assume what he thinks of Reynolds as a person).

If we never get the Deadpool/Wolverine team up we all want (the ending of Deadpool 2 doesn’t count, as funny as it is), we can at least feel good knowing that Ryan and Hugh are teaming up to bring us some laughs.


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