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Ryan Reynolds has the most Deadpool way of asking for hurricane donations

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Sep 11, 2017

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and now Irma, there has been no shortage of superheroes swooping in to the relief efforts, but Ryan Reynolds may have just found the most badass way to ask for donations on Twitter. It’s only how Deadpool would do it.

Reynolds has previously used the powers of the suit to boost other projects, including viral marketing campaigns (such as that which gave the first Deadpool film serious box-office prowess and made him the character most cosplayed to death in 2016), but this is arguably the most awesome use of a movie costume ever. The superheroes we look up to in comics and movies are always seeing beyond themselves to save the world and often the universe from imminent destruction. Deadpool may not be able to straighten out everything on Earth and interplanetary space right now, but he’s standing up for a very urgent cause on the home planet. (Warning: He's got a few choice words in that tweet.) 

By now you should know what the destructive forces of Harvey have left behind. Hurricane Irma has been lashing Florida and Georgia with winds up to 142 miles per hour and over a foot of rain in some areas. Mass evacuations meant 6.5 million people in Florida and 540,000 in Georgia were mandated to leave their homes. This was clearly a state of emergency even before that became official.

While Deadpool 2 supposedly wrapped production, it still looks like the mouthy antihero is on set here sans mask — but you know how it is with movies. Things happen when scenes are gone through with a scalpel and the decision is made to re-film. Or add. Or subtract and add something else. In any case, it should still be one of three landing in theaters next year, with New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix also in the works. 

Be a hero and donate to AmeriCares or any charity you want at Deadpool cosplay optional.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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