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Ryan Reynolds is still pulling for a Deadpool and Wolverine movie

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May 3, 2018, 8:23 PM EDT (Updated)

After nearly two decades playing Wolverine in X-Men movies and in his own solo films, Hugh Jackman is happily retired from the role. But not if Ryan Reynolds has anything to say about it.

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Reynolds once again spoke about his dream to bring Wolverine and Deadpool back together on the big screen for the first time since 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. According to Reynolds, Logan’s bleak ending for the character wouldn’t even get in the way of Jackman’s return.


“He’s alive and well in my timeline,” said Reynolds. “There is a Logan running around out there with a little bushy chest and his little sharpy, sharpy claws, and he is alive and well and ready to go. I would love that.”

Outside of the films, Reynolds and Jackman are friends, and the former Wolverine even gamely appeared in a promotional video with Deadpool earlier this week. But getting Jackman back is still going to be the hard part.

“I think convincing Hugh of that would be a near-impossible feat, but there’s no human being I love more than Hugh Jackman in that universe, and equally so as a friend,” related Reynolds. “He’s just the best. I already miss him as Logan, so I’m one of those guys that whenever I see him, I’m like, ‘Come on, man. Just one more. Come on. We’ll do it together. It’ll be fun. Come on! On three. Here we go, together. One, two, three, together,’ and it’s always just me saying it.”

During an earlier interview, Reynolds confessed that he isn’t sure a Deadpool 3 movie would be the best move for the character. He suggested Deadpool could appear in unexpected ways beyond the X-Force movie by teaming with established X-Men characters. And Jackman’s Wolverine is by far the most iconic of them all. 

There is also the added uncertainty of the Disney and Fox merger, which may close in about a year. Potentially, a Deadpool-centric movie could be rushed into production beforehand. Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige has said that there are currently no specific plans for the characters controlled by 20th Century Fox. However, Reynolds recently seemed hopeful regarding Disney CEO Bob Iger’s comments about Deadpool retaining his R-rated appeal under the new regime. 

"This is completely conjecture on my part, but I wouldn’t imagine that Disney bought Fox to dismantle it or something like that," Reynolds told EW. "I think that Disney bought Fox so it could have that in its arsenal.”

Granted, Reynolds does admit to having a "sore spot" after Fox asked him to remove a joke from the Deadpool 2 script that was made at Disney's expense. Though looking back, he can see how that may have been a "wise decision."

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