Ryan Reynolds skewers Honest Trailers with Deadpool 2 Honest Trailer

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Aug 21, 2018, 10:45 PM EDT

Honest Trailers has met its snarky match. Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, has hijacked the popular web series' entry for Deadpool 2. The self-deprecating actor helps narrate the new video below, which attempts to riff on the Marvel sequel — and Honest Trailers in general.

A critical and box-office success this spring (more than $318 million domestically), Deadpool 2 featured the ongoing adventures of Wade Wilson, aka the Merc With a Mouth. Reynolds quickly debunks most of the standard Honest Trailers criticisms and tropes, including when "nerds find one logic gap and pretend like it ruined the whole movie," specifically addressing some time-travel issues. Reynolds also anticipates the likely attempt to call out the movie for "pretending to give a s—t about Shatterstar," the briefly used X-Force member who met a succinct and grisly demise in the film.

In fact, Reynolds takes on the entire genre of Honest Trailers as "a YouTube format that's been chugging along for six f---ing years." And, of course, he's only too happy to accept a dig at his own expense, mocking his initial (and much-maligned) foray into superherodom as the star of the 2011 Green Lantern movie.

According to, which hosts the Screen Junkies series, it was Reynolds' idea to team up for the video, "an Honest Trailer about Honest Trailers." And, as usual, the star has a flippant attitude about it all. "I do not need to be here," he says. "I could be playing Fortnite with Drake, Ninja, and Mike Pence right now."