Ryan Reynolds explains that oath in revealing Green Lantern clip

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Dec 14, 2012

How do you take the Green Lantern oath if you don't know what the oath is? Ryan Reynolds walks us through that little conundrum in this two-and-a-half-minute behind-the-scenes clip of Green Lantern.

In addition to the oath, we see different members of the crew discuss aspects of their work. It's fairly standard for a behind-the-scenes clip ... but what makes it special is the fact that everyone on set seemed to have serious attention to detail.

For example, Joseph Hiura, Green Lantern's set designer, said, "The design of the ring was based on what the lantern was going to look like. They were designed in tandem to work together well."

The clip also includes some nifty new footage and a painfully short interview with Geoff Johns, the chief creative officer of DC Comics. (Some viewers want to see clips with more Ryan Reynolds; the rest of us want more Geoff Johns.)

Check it out.

(Via SuperHeroHype)

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