Ryan Reynolds says Green Lantern is Han Solo meets Chuck Yeager

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Dec 14, 2012

For a new edition of DC's Green Lantern: Secret Origin hardcover graphic novel, Reynolds wrote an introduction that reveals what drew him to the character in the first place, the things that make Hal Jordan more than just a dude who finds a sweet fashion accessory.

This new edition of the Geoff Johns-Ivan Reis collection hits stands on April 12, well in advance of the movie, which drops on June 17. But you can read Reynolds' introduction right here:

"I was never an expert on Hal Jordan. I'd always known the basic gist of the character: I knew he wore a lot of green. Had a ring possessed of infinite power bestowed upon him by a dying alien. And I knew he's survived many successors and wildly diverse iterations over an astonishing multi-decade run. If you like sports analogies, he's the New York Yankees. Lately though, I've gotten to know the guy pretty damn well. Like Hal Jordan, I too was given the gift of a ring. Mine was more symbolic in its power but no less auspicious. I was asked to put that ring on and bring Hal Jordan to life in a whole new form: Film. Not a job I take lightly.

About a year and a half ago, I first sat down with Martin Campbell, Donald DeLine, and a man whom I consider responsible for the resurgent interest in Green Lantern, Geoff Johns. They were all eager to build a big screen superhero who would both live up to his lengthy legacy, yet simultaneously find a foothold with a whole new audience—young and old alike. Hal Jordan was about to become a living, breathing person. And I was going to be the guy to do it. No pressure...

True fans of Hal Jordan know the caliber of hero we're talking about. From the moment I came aboard, I saw the challenge and opportunity in creating a classic yet modern day hero who can throw a punch, tell a joke, and kiss the girl. I saw the guy as a cross between Chuck Yeager and Han Solo. The Green Lantern saga is so limitless in its scope, I'm sure it was a relief for the writers to know it was going to be an origin story of sorts. They need look no further than the starting point.

Green Lantern encompasses a seemingly limitless supply of adventure: fighter jets, space travel, action, aliens, betrayal, humor, tragedy, heroes, villains and even a rather complicated little love story. These are just a few ingredients, which have been a part of this epic for over 50 years.

It's a great time to be a superhero fan. Technology is such that bringing Green Lantern to life properly is finally possible. Creating energy constructs based upon infinite will and pure imagination can vividly appear before our very eyes. This technological leap also happened to coincide with a time period in which the world is fascinated by big screen comic book adaptations.

Preparing to get Hal up and running in living color was helped greatly by this book, Secret Origin, illustrated beautifully by Ivan Reis, who I had the pleasure of meeting on the set in New Orleans. This book basically gave me the introduction I was looking for in order to begin the incredible ascent to Oa. I hope you like it."

(via Comic Book Movie)

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