Sad horror film 'Creature' sets worst box-office record ever

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 15, 2012

Some films are hits and others are flops—but the low-budget horror flick Creature couldn't scare enough people into each theater to fill a decent-sized minivan.

Director Fred Matthews' Creature hit 1,507 screens last weekend and grossed $327,000—which, in actual viewer terms, means that less than six people were in each theater for each showing. And that's a bad enough performance to make Creature the lowest-grossing flick to play to a wide audience.

Producer Sidney J. Sheinberg—most famous for giving a young Steven Spielberg his first gigs back when he was running Universal in the early '70s—thought his self-financing and self-distribution gamble would pay off:

"We wanted to find out can you open a picture on a profitable basis, without incurring costs that quite frankly are embarrassing ...This is a film I wanted to see us make, in the category of something we could afford to do and finance ourselves."

While it's noble to try and buck the system—and occasionally, as in the case of Kevin Smith's self-distributed horrific thriller Red State (which has the highest per-screen average of any live-action film ever), it can pay off—perhaps the movie needed to not be, well, this movie:

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