Saga co-creator Brian K. Vaughan announces he's writing a Walking Dead story

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Jan 25, 2016, 4:21 PM EST (Updated)

Brian K. Vaughan is already one of the biggest creators comics has ever seen. Thanks to work on RunawaysEx MachinaY: The Last Man and now Saga, he's pretty much a living legend, and he doesn't necessarily need to do anything else to bolster his success in the medium. Still, that doesn't mean he's not up for new challenges, and he just announced that his future projects include a stint writing one of the most successful comics of the last decade: The Walking Dead

Co-creator Robert Kirkman has written every issue of The Walking Dead thus far, but it was announced Thursday during Image Comics' Image Expo that Vaughan will be taking on some new Walking Dead comic-book stories himself, which will be published on The Panel Syndicate, the DRM-free digital comics site Vaughan founded with artists Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente that launched with the excellent pay-what-you-want series The Private Eye.

According to Vaughan's Image Expo announcement, the move comes because Kirkman kept asking him why he'd chosen to go digital-only with the Panel Syndicate, and also asked what it would take to get The Private Eye into print at Image. Vaughan said he would put The Private Eye in print if it also meant that Panel Syndicate could have a Walking Dead story, Kirkman agreed, and so Vaughan and Martin are now working on their own interpretation of the walker-inhabited world Kirkman's built into a massive franchise, while Image gets to publish The Private Eye beyond the digital world.

We don't yet know exactly when we'll see this new incarnation of The Walking Dead, but it's easily one of the most exciting pieces of comics news of the year.

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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