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Sailor Moon, champion of justice, will represent Japan in Miss Universe

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Nov 21, 2018, 10:42 AM EST

Ninjas and kimonos are so last year. This year is the year of leading the Sailor Soldiers. Japan’s Miss Universe representative, Yuumi Kato, is ditching the more traditional Japanese outfit of her predecessor, Momoko Abe, in favor of the blue and white of Sailor Moon for this year’s Miss Universe competition.

Choosing Usagi Tsukino, aka Princess Serenity, aka Sailor Moon’s clothes as the national costume of Japan may seem a little fantastical up front, but the sailor fuku uniform helped replace the kimono in classrooms, modeled on styles from the British Royal Navy.

Kato delivered the news via a few Instagram posts showing off her powerful costume:

“Ninja to woman warrior Sailor Moon,” the second post reads, as the polyglot readies herself for the competition on Dec. 17 in Bangkok, Thailand. Here’s hoping there’s an elaborate transformation sequence during her portion of the national costume event so that all the anime fans out there can watch her fight evil by moonlight, win love by daylight, and never run from a real fight.

Now where’s the news that Tuxedo Mask will replace Steve Harvey as host?