For Sale: One Cosmos, Slightly Used

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May 6, 2005

Note added May 7: I suspected this might happen; eBay removed the auction. Ironically, the Universe is real, and they pull the auction, but when someone sells the frying pan that made the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich, that they let pass. It's a crazy cosmos. Anyway, the seller relisted it, this time making things somewhat clearer.

I get email.

This one, though, was different, even for me.

I recently visited your site and figured you might get a kick out of this. I am an artist from NJ, USA, and on May 5th I launched a 9-day interactive art project where I'm auctioning off the entire universe on ebay. To view or participate in this satirical project you can visit this link: eBay Auction: The Entire Universe.

The more people participate the more fun it will be.

Yes, you read that right. He's auctioning off the entire Universe, the whole shebang, the cosmos, the whole nine yards, Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Mind you, since the Universe is expanding, and that expansion is accelerating, every second you wait the better the deal gets (amortized over a per cubic light year basis).

It makes a great gift, I would think, for the man who has everything.

Anyway, I can't decide if this is ridiculous or genius. Probably it's both. But I do wish I had thought of it first.

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