Salli Richardson teases Eureka season 3.5

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Eureka star Salli Richardson told SCI FI Wire that the show picks up this summer with the second half of its third season, in which viewers can expect to learn more about her character Allison Blake's pregnancy and its effect on her relationship with Sheriff Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson).

Fans of the SCI FI Channel original series know that Blake was pregnant with a child by her ex-husband Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn), whom she was about to remarry when he vanished in a time/space anomaly. Stark disappeared in "I Do Over" early in season three, but Blake waited until "From Fear to Eternity," the third-season fall finale, to actually tell Carter that she's preggers.

SCI FI Wire spoke exclusively to Richardson last week during SCI FI Channel's upfront presentation for advertisers and the media in New York. In addition to discussing Eureka, the actress acknowledged that she hoped to reprise the role of Zoe, the wife of Robert Neville (Will Smith), in a proposed prequel to I Am Legend. Following are excerpts from our exclusive interview.

Three years into Eureka, what keeps you invested in Allison Blake?

Richardson: I keep getting more and more challenges. Just being on a series, you get more and more comfortable in that character, and you take more chances. It's been fun, and working with Colin and Joe [Morton] makes it a great time.

Tell us a little about what we can expect to see in the second half of the third season.

Richardson: You know how you forget what's been said? But at the end of [the most recent episode, Blake told Carter she was pregnant], and I have to go through that. What does that mean for me and Carter, for our relationship, because we keep going through these waves? So it definitely gives me a lot more to play off of this season.

Eureka is now deep into its third season, but go back a step. How confident were you that the show would catch on with an audience?

Richardson: Absolutely not. We shot the pilot, and I saw it and went, "Oh, it's good, ... " but I didn't even think it was going to get picked up. When you do a show you have absolutely no idea. But now that we're on, I kind of get why we're there. These people, Colin and Joe, keep it real enough that you're intrigued to come and see the characters. Aside from all the fun stuff, you care about the characters, and that's why we're still there.

A prequel to I Am Legend is apparently in the works. What's the latest on that, and will you be involved?

Richardson: Well, I'm hoping to be, but I was definitely talked to about it. I'm just sort of waiting, like everyone else, to see when it's happening. But a prequel is definitely better for me, because I'm alive.

Assuming it all works out, what would you like to see for Zoe?

Richardson: I really have no idea what they're going to do, so that's a question I can't even answer, because I don't know what direction they're taking the film in. I'm just happy to be there for those five minutes!