Sam Neill Twofer DVD giveaway!

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Apr 30, 2007

It's time for another giveaway! Yeah, I know, the last one just ended, but I'm moving soon, so I need to get rid of stuff.

The rules are exactly the same as last time, except I'll ship anywhere this time. And I could go into a lengthy description of the DVDs, but let me let this guy explain it all:

The two DVDs are The Dish, and Hyperspace. They are used, but work. They are Region 1 DVDs, by the way. Since they are both used, their combined value is unlisted, so I'll say it's <Dr. Evil voice>one meellion dollars <Dr. Evil voice>.

As usual, I have opened a thread in the Fun and Games section of the BAUT forum. Just post there -- once only -- and you're entered. I'll end the contest at noon Pacific time on Saturday, May 5. I'll then pick a random number and whoever has that post number wins! I'll contact you via private message through the board as well as email. If I don't hear back by noon Tuesday I'll pick another winner. As for the other rules, check the old contests.

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