Sam Raimi revisits Spider-Man 3: "I messed up plenty"

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Dec 31, 2014, 1:27 PM EST (Updated)

It's been nearly eight years since Sony released Spider-Man 3, and some fans are still mad about it. The sequel was a critical disaster that destroyed the momentum the previous films established and led to a complete reboot of the franchise by Sony. 

Spider-Man 3 was directed by Sam Raimi, who felt the brunt of its criticism. To be fair, he was dealt a rough hand. There were too many cooks in the kitchen, a factor Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield also noted with the reboot. 

In an interview with the Nerdist podcast, however, Raimi admitted Spider-Man 3 wasn't his best ... "I messed up plenty with the third Spider-Man."

“It’s a movie that just didn’t work very well,” Raimi continued. “I tried to make it work, but I didn’t really believe in all the characters, so that can’t be hidden from people who loved Spider-Man. If the director doesn’t love something, it’s wrong of them to make it when so many other people love it."

Rumor has it Sony forced too many characters into the film, with little to no development. Plus, there were several comic-book storylines that were completely bastardized. Why would they do such a thing? According to Raimi, they had to go big or go home. 

“The goal wasn’t to try to top the other pictures,” Raimi said. “It was to tell a bigger story but with a different sensibility about it. But I wasn’t trying to top. That isn’t a good approach. That went into the thinking of a lot of people who worked on Spider-Man 3, and it was not good for us.”

Unfortunately, Amazing Spider-Man 2 didn't learn from their mistakes. 

(via EW)

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