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Sam Worthington transforms in monstrous trailer for Netflix's The Titan

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Mar 21, 2018, 1:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Will the largest moon of Saturn save us all? If The Titan’s trailer is to be believed, not on your life. Or at least not on the lives of the countless scientists and soldiers modifying themselves in this sci-fi Netflix movie.

Avatar star Sam Worthington, along with Orange Is the New Black's Taylor Schilling and Game of Thrones' Nathalie Emmanuel, must deal with Tom Wilkinson’s plans to force humans to evolve so the species can survive on a different planet. Or moon, as the case may be. Either way, things go as poorly as one would imagine.

Watch the monstrous transformation in the film’s first trailer:

Worthington, of Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans fame, finally cuts out the middleman to seemingly become the Titan himself. With hints of The Fly, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Species, Splice, and even The Shape of Water, this genetically enhanced horror looks to play with our ideas of humanity — and what can’t be sacrificed in pursuit of its salvation.

Netflix’s investment in heady sci-fi projects continues to look engaging, even if it won’t be the only content driving more and more people to the service.

The Titan will stream on Netflix Friday, March 30.