Sam Raimi makes bloody, head-spinning promise about Evil Dead reboot

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Dec 17, 2012

In rebooting his horror classic Evil Dead, Sam Raimi is meddling with something that we hold dearly in our hearts. But don't worry—he promises version 2.0 will bring a few things to the table to keep Dead-ites happy.

For one thing, Raimi says the new Evil Dead will put the original to shame in the gore department. Like, by a mile, apparently. He tells Collider:

"It's really bloody. It's so bloody, it will make your head spin. I've seen almost all the dailies and they're really going for it. It's gonna be grisly and intense and non-stop ... Definitely R. Maybe worse."

Dang, that definitely sounds like a worthy successor to the boundary-pushing indie original.

When asked his thoughts on revisiting the film that put him on the map, Raimi actually sounded excited at the prospect of bringing in new blood, ala director Diablo Cody and co-writer Fede Alvarez:

"Well, I always thought that Evil Dead was a little campfire story that you tell at a camp to kids to scare them at night. But, I don't think anybody thought it was a beautifully produced, theatrical experience. It was shot in 16mm, all the effects were done for a quarter, and I always thought it could be done in a big screen movie type way that was really high quality with photographic effects. It could still be just as gritty, but it could be done in stereo and not just mono, and it could be done in 35mm versus 16mm.

There were a lot of ways to improve it. There could be much better writing than I was capable of, at the time, as an 18-year-old kid writing that screenplay. And honestly, the directing could be a lot better, and the characterizations could be better. I was very happy with it, but it was something that was crudely done and I thought deserved re-exploration. I thought it would be fun and, in fact, it has turned out to be a tremendous amount of fun because it's like an old melody that you write and you've brought in this really great, cool, young, hip jazz musician, and he's riffing on it and showing you places it could go that you never dreamed. It's very exciting for me."

When you phrase it like that, it actually makes sense, and Raimi's excitement definitely has us looking forward to the reboot. What do you think?

(Via Collider)