Sam Worthington now admits he also sucked in Clash of the Titans

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Dec 16, 2012

Sam Worthington has finally come out and admitted it: His performance sucked in the very, um, mediocre 2010 remake of Clash of the Titans. But you may want to give the actor some extra brownie points, because it takes cojones to admit something like that in Hollywood.

Speaking to Moviehole for his upcoming film Man on a Ledge, the actor—who'd already admitted to Clash of the Titans' suckiness back in December of 2010—has now candidly and honestly opened up about his performance in the Louis Leterrier film.

"I didn't have a very good time personally on that, I wasn't happy with what I did on that movie. I let the audience down a bit by not delivering a character. I was a @#$%-ing generic, bland, action dude. I was like a Barbie doll. And I didn't like myself for doing that. I dropped the ball."

So what did the actor do right after that? Well, he went ahead and did some voice-over work in a little video game called Tour of Duty just so he could be himself, hide away and scream (we all do that, right?):

"...just being in that room and yelling, doing whatever I wanted freed me up. So by the time I got to do Man on a Ledge, I though 'why can't I keep that freedom? It's the freedom I had when I first started out'. Every now and then your insecurities in this industry stop blocking you and that's when your performances get watered down. So I kept just trying to free it up a bit more so I'm always pushing myself otherwise you let your audience down."

Whether you guys liked him as Perseus or not, Worthington's back in the role and this time he's a bit more floppy-haired (and lets hope better)—Harry Hamlin style—in the Clash sequel titled Wrath of the Titans.

The Australian actor seems quite happy with how Wrath has turned out, calling it ''awesome'' and adding "In Wrath I wanted create a unique character that a kid can go, 'I like this guy. I want to go on a journey with that character.' And [director Jonathan Liebesman] cracked it."

Let's hope second time's the charm (you know, instead of third time). What do you think?

Wrath of the Titans starring Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson, Danny Huston, Edgar Ramirez, Bill Nighy, Toby Kebbell, Rosamund Pike will clash into theaters on March 30, 2012. Will you feel the wrath?

(via Comic Book Movie)

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