Samuel L. Jackson hints at Frozone's return in The Incredibles 2

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May 23, 2018, 8:51 AM EDT (Updated)

Disney and Pixar recently announced a sequel to their 2004 hit, The Incredibles. It was a long time coming and fans of the film were glad to hear the gang would be back. Brad Bird, who wrote and directed the original, has signed on for round two, and he's not the only one expected to return. One of the film's biggest talents is eager to get back into the recording booth.

Samuel L. Jackson believes we haven't seen the last of Lucius Best, better known as Frozone. As a close friend of the Parr family, it wouldn't feel right if he didn't resurface in some capacity. In an interview with Digital Spy, Jackson revealed, "Every time I run into Brad (Bird) he always tells me Frozone is going to be part of whatever's going on, so I have to believe that."

He continued, "I guess they would be the Incredibles without Frozone, but I think Frozone would be a wonderful, wonderful addition to what's already there. I'm just looking forward to seeing what Jack-Jack turned into." Jackson's no stranger to the superhero world considering his Nick Fury character is the architect behind The Avengers. This man has taken the genre by storm.

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