Sanctuary's Robin Dunne teases season two

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Robin Dunne, who plays Will Zimmerman on SCI FI Channel's original series Sanctuary, told SCI FI Wire that things are about to get much worse in season two.

Dunne, speaking in an exclusive interview, also offered up a few spoilers for the upcoming new season, which premieres in the fall with 13 new episodes and the addition of new cast member Agam Darshi as Kate Freelander.

Following is an edited version of our interview with Dunne.

Considering that Sanctuary ended its first season on a major cliffhanger before it received a season-two pickup, were you a little concerned it would never be paid off?

Dunne: Yeah, I guess that was in there. If the unthinkable happened and we didn't get renewed, at least we went out with a bang and in a way that left people thinking about it and wondering. [Executive producers] Martin Gero Wood, Amanda Tapping and Damian Kindler were very smart in crafting the show that way. But now that we've had those high stakes, it's interesting to see where we go from there. How do we continue the story with the barometer raised?

The Cabal has Ashley under their spell and now possesses the keys. Where do things pick up in season two?

Dunne: We are entering into an Empire Strikes Back-ian zone where everything is unsure. We don't know what's happening with Ashley; the Cabal is out there; things are in disarray; and the characters are just trying to figure out "How do we move on from here and keep things together?" There's definitely a darkness to this season. If there ever was security, particularly for Will in the sanctuary, now things are much more of a mess. In a lot of ways, Will and everyone in the sanctuary are holding on for dear life. If you thought last season was a roller-coaster ride, this year is even nuttier.

Now that you've established these characters, are we going to learn more about Will and his history?

Dunne: Absolutely. We are shooting episode three right now, and already we've taken Will to another level. Last season he spent time getting used to the sanctuary and having his foot in both worlds, but not sure which way he was going to go. By the end of season one, he jumped right into the sanctuary and resigned himself to that life. Now there's a lot going on for Will. Already he's had to deal with some pretty major things. These things that happen in the first few episodes dredge up some old memories of his past. There's definitely more of a darkness to Will, and he's kind of wrestling with some demons. That's going to be further explored, so what's happening in the present is going to clash with some of the things he's buried. You are going to see a different Will this season. For me, playing such a great character and taking him to another level is challenging and exciting.

There seemed to be some flirting between Will and Clara. Is there a romance brewing?

Dunne: Yeah, I think there is. We've explored that a little, and there's definitely something between those characters. There's a lot of curveballs that are thrown into the mix. Nothing can ever really be that simple in the sanctuary.

There's some new blood in Sanctuary this year. How is Kate Freelander introduced, and is she friend or foe?

Dunne: When Kate is introduced, we don't really know. It's questionable whose side she's on. Anybody who will pay Kate higher will get her services, and we're not sure who she is or whether to trust her or not. The jury is still out, but she definitely comes into our realm in the sanctuary to make things more interesting for us. She's a rogue. ...

Can you preview what else viewers can expect?

Dunne: It's going to be a lot of putting the sanctuary back together. There's going to be some major global problems with some of the other sanctuaries. Magnus and Will are really going to have to step up to keep the entire network together. At the same time, there is going to be some tension within the sanctuary. There are going to be clashes amongst ourselves, because the stress level for the characters has been raised. For Will, he's going to have to deal with the fact he's really second in command in here. With Magnus dealing with everything, there's a lot of time where Will is keeping things together. It's difficult for him.