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First look: Santa Clarita Diet adds Joel McHale, Maggie Lawson, and more to its second-season menu

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Feb 17, 2018, 12:09 PM EST (Updated)

Santa Clarita Diet filled in the zombie comedy vacuum left by Shaun of the Dead so many years ago, and filled it well. A nice suburban family turns to murder, conspiracy, and the occult when one of its members becomes undead ... and it’s all hilarious. Now the Drew Barrymore- and Timothy Olyphant-led series is returning to Netflix for a second season, and it’s added some new flavors to the mix.

There’s Joel McHale and Maggie Lawson, who guest-star as married realtors Chris and Christa (mirroring Barrymore and Olyphant’s Sheila and Joel), who are both more successful and aggressive.



Gerald McRaney shows up as Ed Thune, a retired army colonel who gets all up in Joel’s grill.



Finally, the show adds Zachary Knighton as the overly relaxed zombie hunter Paul, whose Serbian ancestry instills in him a sense of duty in that regard (tying into the ancient text the family had to translate in the first season):



These characters not only help push the themes along (another balance of the mystical and the mundane), but we also finally have an idea of what’s going to happen in the next season. The synopsis details the continuing struggle to "adapt to Sheila’s now-advanced undead state — even though she’s desperately working to hold on to her suburban lifestyle" in all its macabre detail. The family has certainly become adept at killing and covering up their crimes, but "the number of missing people in Santa Clarita is starting to pile up and it’s no longer going unnoticed." Yikes. Coupled with the search for a cure, this is going to be an exciting season.

Also, here’s a bonus picture of Barrymore with some hilarious physical deterioration:



Santa Clarita Diet’s second season launches on Netflix this spring.