Sara goes full-on evil and Constantine returns in the latest Legends of Tomorrow 

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

Fresh off news that Matt Ryan’s Constantine would be joining the crew of Legends of Tomorrow permanently next season, the master of the dark arts returned this week to help save Sara after she is fully possessed by Mallus — complete with some Death Totem juju.

Spoilers ahead for “Necromancing the Stone,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Monday, March 19, 2018!

Constantine might’ve gotten top billing as the returning guest star, but this was Sara’s story at the core. We knew she’d have to pay the piper after flirting with Mallus’ power several weeks ago, and the bill came due this week, as she’s inexplicably drawn to the Death Totem and seduced into putting it on. Sara goes full-on evil, and though picking off her crew and torturing them with their greatest fears made for the brunt of the episode’s action, “Necromancing the Stone” was really about the darkness that’s always been present in Sara. She might be swashbuckling her way around the timestream now, but Sara started out as a straight-up assassin. She’s come a long way since then, sure, but it takes a certain kind of darkness to kill on command with the League of Assassins.

Being trapped in a dark dimension and controlled by Mallus is the case for some true introspection, as the lingering darkness in Sara comes face to face with something a whole lot more deadly. She’s faced with a choice — to give into that darkness that’s been pushed down inside her, or rage against it and stay on her hero’s path. It takes a bit of doing, but Sara finally finds the strength to take back her body and her life. The reason? It’s that pain, that remorse, that makes her human. Sure, it might not be ideal, but she’s at least feeling something. And that’s life.

The experience also helped Sara come to terms with the fact that death is a part of her now, and she can’t seem to reconcile that fact with her newfound happiness with Ava Sharpe. Sara sees the goodness in Ava, and doesn’t want to corrupt it with her own damage. That counterpoint is made all the more clear when Ava meets Constantine and realizes Sara connected so closely and quickly with someone so (admittedly) damaged. Sara is amazing, strong, brilliant, but also broken. She’s come amazingly far since her time cleaning up the streets of Star City, but she’s not a wholesome, Flash-esque type of hero. And never will be.

Assorted musings


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*Constantine’s back! As we now know, he’ll be joining the crew permanently next season, pending renewal. We get a nod to that in the closing scene, when Sara jokes they might as well just give him a room on the ship at this point. Well, it won’t be long. The crew is made up of its fair share of loners, but few can compete with Constantine in that regard. Seeing him join this ensemble should be one heck of a ride. It also raises the question of what type of baddies the team will be facing next season. With Constantine sticking around permanently, it stands to reason this season won’t be the last one with magic.

*Nate and Wally are the bros we didn’t know we needed. The only complaint here is we didn’t get to see their side mission.

*Quick alien easter egg, as Sara activates the “Nostromo Sequence” when she goes after the crew.

*Along with Constantine, the biggest surprise cameo was the return of Jesse Quick, even if she was simply a manifestation created by Mallus to mess with him. It was brutal, but also an opportunity for Wally to actually process those emotions and work past them.

*That Doctor Who joke was on point. As was Constantine scratching his chin with a foot.

*Rory faced his own crisis of faith when wielding the Fire Totem, and it turns out he really is a good guy under all that attitude. There were a lot of ways that could have gone, but having Rory tap into some inner goodness was the right move, and a fresh counterpoint to Sara’s struggles.

*Of course Constantine kicks it with Gary to play some D&D. This show does wacky better than pretty much anything in the Arrowverse, and that was a clever way to parallel the story of the week through a geeky lens that actually gave Gary a reason to be hanging around. 

Up next: The focus is on Ava, and things get really, really weird.