Sarah delivers punches and justice in Orphan Black S2 clip

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Feb 27, 2014, 11:18 AM EST (Updated)

The season premiere of Orphan Black is so far, yet so close. The series doesn't return until April, but we've got the perfect clip to tide you over. On Orphan Black's official Instagram page, there's some intense footage from an upcoming episode. It features Sarah going toe to toe with the ice queen, Rachel.

While Rachel's holed up in her office, Sarah storms in ready to do damage. Rachel declares, "You're not going to shoot me Sarah." And she's absolutely right: Sarah clocks her in the face instead. This act of violence completely shocks Rachel, who exclaims, "Nobody lays hands on me!" Well, it looks like Sarah did, and now she has a gun to your face. What's next?

Sarah wants to make sure that Rachel gets the message: "You don't own us." Check out the brief confrontation below. It's just one of eight clips BBC America plans to release over the next week. Enjoy!

Orphan Black returns April 19.

(via Zap2it)