IDW set to spin out new deluxe edition of Paul Cornell's Saucer Country

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Dec 7, 2017, 4:31 PM EST (Updated)

With cool news to set your head spinning, IDW is bringing back Paul Cornell’s celebrated Vertigo series of 2013, Saucer Country, resuming where the series left off with the spring-launched Saucer State.

A fresh gathering of the Hugo Award-nominated Saucer Country will round up all 14 issues of the original run in a premium collector's edition to get you in the mood for Saucer State #1, the sequel, continuation and completion of the old Vertigo series by Cornell and Ryan Kelly, dropping from the skies on May 10 in two 6-issue mini-series.

Here's what Cornell had to say last summer about this resurrection of his X-Files meets The West Wing comic:

"The story of Arcadia Alvarado, former alien abductee (possibly) will continue now that she’s President of the United States, with all the political intrigue and UFO mythology you’ve come to expect. And we’re creating a new starting point so that new readers can absolutely start here.

"It’s been a long, hard road to get to this point, but it’s a great pleasure to be able to satisfy all those people who’ve kept asking if it was coming back. More news as it can be released, but in the meantime, thanks for keeping the faith."

Here's the solicitation synopsis for the 300-page prestige Saucer Country collection, landing in comic shops on August 30.

THEY'RE UP THERE... Meet Arcadia Alvarado, Governor of New Mexico and Presidential hopeful. She's dealing with immigration policy, budget cuts, an alcoholic ex–and she was abducted by aliens. Or was she? It's a strange road to the White House but Alvarado is determined to get there because she has information that could stop an alien invasion and save the world. Collects all 14 issues of the original series.

Are you a fan of Cornell's cult sci-fi comic and are you happy the series is getting the attention it deserves?

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