Savage face offs, a new hero and the Justice Society (?!) in the Legends of Tomorrow finale

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May 19, 2016

Spoilers ahead for “Legendary,” the Season 1 finale of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow!

The short version: The gang finally gets its faceoff with Vandal Savage as the immortal baddie tries to essentially blow up time itself and send us back to the B.C. era. The gang manages to prevail, and just as most of the gang is getting ready to hop back aboard the Waverider to protect time a while longer, a mysterious hero shows up to warn them of impending doom. Bring on Season 2!

The gang finally takes on Savage, with a bizarre (but fun) twist


Having escaped with his own time ship, Vandal Savage is taking advantage of his newfound temporal skills to try and hijack all the mysterious alien asteroids that gave him (and Hawkman and Hawkgirl) their powers all those millennia ago. Why? This is where it gets into confusing McGuffin mode. Savage wants to blow up all of time, essentially, by destroying the world simultaneously in three different eras by using the asteroids as bombs. This will apparently reset time itself (not just sending Savage back, but destroying all of time) back to ancient Egypt. For reasons (so he can go through time again, but rule everyhting earlier?). Okay, yeah, this threat felt a little manufactured and bizarre, but it did set up something really cool.

Another side effect of Savage’s “plan” is that it will render him mortal during the ritual to blow everything up (for whatever reason), so the gang splits up into teams and attack him in the three different eras, which provides some nice throwbacks to a few of the time periods visited throughout the first season. This gives pretty much everyone a chance to shine, as they all get to take on their own Savage across the time stream. Sara gets to take him on in a ninja fight, Rory just beats him half to death in a street brawl, and Rip, Hawkgirl and Hawkman also get a chance to slug it out. It was a cheesy way to get there, but this was still a fun payoff to the season. The attack works like a charm, and all three Savage’s are destroyed. 

The gang is kind of over 2016 by this point


After spending all season zipping around through space and time, the gang is pretty much done with their boring lives from the present. Rory and Ray, the greatest Odd Couple ever, decide to seek out Rip after he leaves them back in 2016, while Stein and Jax are also jonesing for more action after spending a bit of time back in their old routines. Sara has the toughest homecoming, learning about the tragic death of Laurel earlier this season on Arrow. Rory also takes the time to visit a younger version of dearly departed Snart back in 2013 to say goodbye, likely setting up his eventual return in a part-time capacity next season. 

Understandably, she wants to use the Waverider to go back and save Laurel (which makes sense, since this whole crusade partially started as a mission to avert the murder of Rip’s family). But, Rip explains that if she’d have stayed on her regular life course, Dhark would’ve killed her, Laurel and Capt. Lance. Which… okay, sure, but wouldn’t she be on a new course now, knowing what happens and planning to stop it? This is just kind of explained away with a hand wave, but it really falls apart under further scrutiny. Heck, why not go back and kill Damien Dhark before he discovers magic? Then he wouldn’t be alive to kill Laurel in the future. We understand Sara needs to let this go so they can move on and fight Savage, but it’s hard to do that when you literally drive around in a time machine.

Wait, so who is Rex Tyler of the Justice Society of America?


We’d previously heard the final scene of the finale would pack a wallop and set up Season 2, and boy did it bring the surprises. In the waning moments, a future version of the Waverider crash lands and a mystery man walks out looking for the Legends. Nope, it wasn’t Green Lantern Alan Scott as previously rumored — it was Rex Tyler (Patrick J. Adams), aka the Hourman.

If you’re unfamiliar, that’s understandable. So, a quick refresher: Hourman is a DC Comics hero who dates all the way back to 1940, and was a founding member of the Justice Society of America (aka the precursor to the Justice League). The Justice Society is also a key component of the Earth 2 universe (in the comics), with the team essentially being the Justice League of that world.

So what does that mean for Season 2 of Legends? Producer Marc Guggenheim told The Hollywood Reporter we’ll see more of the Justice Society, which makes sense, considering Hourman just showed up. The Flash has also already introduced the concept of a multiverse, so it stands to reason Rex could’ve popped over from just another anywhere (or when) depending on where they want to take the story. Guggenheim also revealed the Thanagarians (the aliens who attack Earth in the future, and created the Vandal/Hawkgirl/Hawkman meteorite) will not be the big bads of Season 2. Instead, he said the new villain will make Savage look like a “walk in the park” by comparison. Oh, and the gang will also be trying to patrol the time stream amidst all that action, since they created a power vacuum by taking out the Time Masters.

Other notes and observations


Ray driving getaway for Rory was awesome. This could definitely be a fun new dynamic to fill the void left behind by Snart. Rory hitting Rip when he returned was also great. Hey, you got to be sure. What the heck was up with Kendra leaving that message in a helmet? How did she just randomly stumble upon the soldier who wore the helmet Rip has as a keepsake in his office? That seemed like such a ridiculous, unexplained contrivance to tip off the team to the 1944 location. The team gets to fight Nazis! Always fun. 

So, the roster officially has three openings now (R.I.P. Snart), since Hawkgirl and Hawkman decided to fly away into the sunset and start a life together. Hawkman was absent most of the season, anyway, so it’ll be hard to miss Carter. Plus,considering Hawkgirl never got much to do other than bounce back and forth between the worst love triangle in history, it’s probably a good move to just cut the losses and shake up the team. Plus, you always have the opportunity to bring them back for a cameo or two. Here’s hoping Rex Tyler proves a more engaging fit. Oh, and Firestorm can transmute matter now, so that should come in handy.

Line of the night: “I give it three months. Tops.” -Rory

Other line of the night: ”Oh man, I forgot how much of a badass I was." -Jax

Up next: Uhh… Season 2? But you’ll have to wait until the fall for that one. Thankfully, Legends has proven itself a hit, so no more midseason wait for this team-up’s second go ‘round. 

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