Saviors are everywhere in Orphan Black's "The Redesign Of Natural Objects"

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Jun 3, 2016, 8:09 AM EDT

 Spoilers to follow for Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 7, "The Redesign of Natural Objects."

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Rachel has decided to tell Ira about the swan she saw in her fancy new eye (she describes it as a glitch). I'm surprised she trusts him at all, honestly, considering she's been locked away. And then she goes and calls him her brother, so I guess Rachel is at least evolving somewhat. I still don't trust her. She heads to Susan (who is giving Charlotte a science lesson) and demands a long-term plan for treatment for all of them. Back in her room, she has another swan vision, but this time she sees more -- there's an older man and the room is shifting, likely to who it used to be like before. Could this be Westmorland?



Donnie in getting a crossover on Orange Is the New Black and, of course, in comes a rather large Neolution man to intimidate him. Alison and Felix pay a visit, and Adele (who is currently under suspension for being drunk in court) has agreed to help for the time being. She's still not officially in Clone Club, so they pass Alison off as Sarah's twin. While Donnie and Alison get a chance to chat through glass, the Neolution man shows up to intimidate him some more (trust me, dude, you're already into overkill territory with this one) just as Adele tells him he shouldn't be talking to anyone. Too late. Unfortunately, he's going to be held over the weekend but manages to give Alison a warning about the Neolutonist.



Cosima is sharing info on the little work they have left with Susan and Rachel over a secure video chat line M.K. was nice enough to put together for them. As soon as Scott sees Rachel, he's all, "Nope!" and Cosima declares both Rachel and Ira must stay out of their work. Just as in the first conversation Susan had with an undercover Cosima, the two women working together on science is exciting to see. She explains they've used Kira for treatments and research, but her father's DNA takes her too far from the LEDA genome. And then Cosima has a eureka moment -- embryonic stem cells. They could use a fertilizable egg from LEDA and Castor sperm.


Sarah & Co.:

Sarah, with the hangover of a lifetime, assures Cosima they will find Delphine if she truly is alive (they better not make us wait until the last five minutes of the season for that!). Cosima is just glad both of them survived coming very close to two very bad decisions. "We both made it back from the dark side," she says.

Mrs. S doesn't want to talk about her grief with Sarah. They may have reconciled ever so slightly in the previous episode, but that doesn't mean she's ready to cry on Sarah's shoulder. She takes out her gun instead. That's more like it. S. Kira is concerned and tries to alert Sarah but it's too late, S is already off to Duko. Sarah warns Art about impending police murder but they can't locate Duko, because he's turned off the GPS in his car. Annnnnd Alison shows up to meet him.



Duko tells Alison she's not a target of Evie, she's just caught in the crossfire. And then he threatens her and her husband in order to find Sarah. Oh, no you didn't, Duko. Alison does not like to be threatened, and she takes her family, all of them, very seriously. She heads to church to start work on her and Sarah Stubb's Jesus Christ Superstar performance, and Pastor Mike gives her counsel to protect Donnie above all. Considering how Alison felt about all the clone conspiracy nonsense and her perfect life back in Season 1, I honestly got concerned she might sell out her sisters for Donnie. I should have known better.



 Sarah, Alison, Co.:

Back at Felix's apartment, Mrs. S is insistent Alison isn't a rat, she's just being squeezed. As they're trying to convince Felix to sneak around her for info, Alison calls to ask where Sarah is and see if he'll come to her rehearsal. Sarah gets a call from M.K. letting her know Duko was getting payments from a Brightborn shell.

Alison and Sarah Stubbs start their big rehearsal, but she's just got too much on her mind. She finds leftover vodka in her makeup case and, thank god, Felix snuck up on her just then. One, because Alison needs to stay strong and two, because it made her say "Oh shiza, Felix!" He tries to reassure her they're all there for her if she needs them. But is she taking him to heart? They're interrupted by Duko who's come to turn more screws. The Neolutionist has Donnie on the phone so she can hear him being threatened to be shivved. She tells Duko Sarah will be at the Rabbit Hole. Gasp!

What happens next is one of the most fantastic montages I've seen. While Alison and her pals are performing Jesus Christ Superstar again, Donnie is seriously beaten up in prison and I'm praying to all '70s rock operas that Alison tipped off the Sestras. She did! Just as we're finding out Duko knows more about Dungeons and Dragons than we might have suspected, Art and S have him at gunpoint! They force him to call the Neolutionist to stand down and Felix is good to give Alison the OK sign.

Duko, on the other hand, is about to be very not ok. S ties him up and connects him to a car battery, but he doesn't want to give up Evie. Art and Sarah are all, "peace out," and Duko gets shocked until he reveals that, under the guise of gene therapy, Evie is planning to put her maggot-bot tech into millions of people, but he doesn't seem to know her end game. He pleads with S for his life, saying they threatened to kill his niece and he was using their payoff money for her, but this is about family for S, too. She shoots him dead and Scott is left to clean up blood splatter, which doesn't seem fair at all if you ask me.


Cosima & Rachel:

Cosima reveals her big plan to Sarah, that she needs one of her eggs. Sarah is not comfortable with the idea but Cosima says it's definitely the breakthrough they've been waiting for, and she concedes. Cosima is going to the island, and she's taking a chopper! Before she gets there, Rachel insists to Susan that there's still time to stop Evie. She wants to go back to Sarah and the mainland and restore Susan to the head of Neolution. Once more, she sees the swan...and then the swan's severed head. I'm excited for Cosima to get to work hands-on with Susan (and meet Charlotte), but Rachel back in the mix at home probably means bad news.


M.K. came back to help them all but it was for selfish reasons. She's sick, just like Cosima.



Best lines of the episode:

Rachel - "Yo."

Scott - "I'm not working with her. She even cheats at Agricola."

Hellwizard explaining his DnD party - "A 10th level Paladin, a 12th level Thief, and a half-elf cleric named Albus Dimpledots."

Mrs. S - "This is for my ma."

Ira - "Anything for science."

Worst decision:

Donnie trying to act like a career criminal in jail.


 Best performance:

Tatiana Maslany as Alison.