Saw screenwriters "recalibrate" Michael Myers for a new Halloween film

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Feb 17, 2015, 3:02 AM EST (Updated)

Just when you were getting comfortable using hip Hollywood buzzwords like "reboot" and "reimagining"  to describe endless resurrections and relief efforts for ailing film franchises, here comes the latest catch phrase to add to your lexicon -- "recalibrate."  The latest interation of incessant tinkering under Hollywood's hood is being directed at the venerable Halloween family of features and its 11th cinematic outing.  

The Halloween legacy originated in 1978 by John Carpenter has gone through various waves of nostalgic sequels, final chapters and modern makeovers, most recently with the savage, slashing hand of director/musician Rob Zombie.  Now, with Zombie's distorted vision vanished, producers Malek Akkad and Matt Stein are bringing poor Michael Myers out for another encore, this time under the orchestration of Saw writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, in what has been defined as a recalibration of the famous horror series.  Ten years ago, Dunstan and Melton cut their screenwriting teeth on season three of Bravo's Project Greenlight reality TV show, where their disgustingly awful horror screenplay, Feast, was chosen as the winning script filmed by director John Gulager.  

Aiming their talents for gratuitous gore at the macabre machinations of Saw sequels, the duo rode a successful wave of torture-porn-packed scripts in a string of four successful Saw followups, when desire for the horrifying hijinks of Jigsaw was at its peak.  

Taking the iconic elements of the Halloween legend and revitalizing them into something relevant will take some major rearrangement.  Or does the secret exist in its primal simplicity? Exactly what Dunstan and Melton have in mind for the cursed Myers family can only be guessed at, but they seem up to the task.  

Where would you take Halloween if the knife were in your hands?

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