Say farewell to Hostess with 10 weird superhero ads from the '70s

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Jun 26, 2015

You may have heard that Hostess has gone out of business. Truly, a great tragedy which has torn America asunder. But let us not mourn our losses, true believers, but rather, remember the good old times by reading comics about superheroes eating Ho-Hos!

Yes, friends, before Peter Venkman asked of his fellow Ghostbusters, "What about the Twinkie?" the yellow sponge-cake and its tasty allies had already made their way into the realm of comics in the '70s. Captain America, Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, the Hulk and more all had one thing in common—Hostess!

With that in mind, please enjoy a sampling of ads by Hostess, Marvel and DC wherein all your favorite heroes save the day with a little help from the iconic sugary snacks that made all the kids smile ... and possibly get diabetes.

(via Geek Tyrant)

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