Say goodbye to our galaxy in stunning final trailer for Interstellar

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Oct 1, 2014

One last Interstellar trailer is here to floor us with new footage before the film's finally in theaters.

If you've been itching to experience Christopher Nolan's ambitious sci-fi journey as much as we have, then you know we're now just five weeks away from seeing it. That doesn't seem like a very long time in the cosmic (see what I did there?) scheme of things, but every time we see new footage from the film the wait seems to get harder. It's safe to say everyone is expecting great things from Interstellar, and some of us might be expecting so much that the film will be a letdown no matter how great it is, but trailers like the one released today make it really hard to be skeptical about this movie. 

The trailer runs for two and a half minutes, and though it doesn't tell us much more than we already knew about the film's plot -- dying Earth, crack team, wormhole travel, mission to find humanity's next home and so forth -- it does give us more powerful visuals, a greater emphasis on what's at stake in this story and a new exploration of the themes at work. I was particularly taken by a line Matthew McConaughey's character, Cooper, speaks very early on: "This thing needs to learn how to adapt, like the rest of us."

Check out the trailer:

Sometimes we get way too excited about movies we haven't seen yet and we get let down in a big, crushing way. Trailers are designed to sell us movies, after all, and we've been burned by more than a few (Hercules, anyone?), but even with that in mind, it's very tough to be cynical about a movie that seems to be reaching so far and promising so much. Sure, Interstellar might let us down, but when you see things like "Mankind's next step will be its greatest," and waves the size of mountain ranges, and a great cast of people playing the ultimate explorers out to save us all, it's hard not to believe in this movie. 

Interstellar will arrive with limited early screenings on Nov. 5 and hit theaters nationwide on Nov. 7.

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