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Say goodbye to Carl Grimes in touching 'In Memoriam' Walking Dead video

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Feb 28, 2018, 3:53 PM EST

Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead left not a dry eye in the house (we admit we may have been bawling like babies) when Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) breathed his last. AMC has now released a touching "In Memoriam" tribute to the character that had been on the zombie apocalypse drama since Day One.

The tribute (which is different from the one shown on Talking Dead) follows Carl’s growth on the series over the course of eight seasons as we see Riggs and his character literally grow up before our eyes; from a young boy into a wise-beyond-his-years teenager. Which makes the whole "In Memoriam" video and Carl’s death even sadder.


While we all knew Carl was a goner from the moment it was revealed he had been bitten by a walker back in the midseason finale “How It's Gotta Be,” it was pretty difficult to see Carl slowly dying from the walker bite until he finally took his own life in the episode’s final minutes. But that wasn’t before he beseeches his dad, Rick (Andrew Lincoln), to try to build a better world.

The news that Carl was going to die on the show was met with a mixed bag of reactions from fans. On the one hand, you had those who hated the character and rejoiced in his upcoming demise. However most fans were unhappy about the decision to kill him off since Carl is still alive and kicking in the comics, and has been part of several major storylines set after the point where he's now dead on TV.

Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus (Daryl) expressed the fact that he wasn’t happy about the whole thing while most recently, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who plays baddie Negan) also expressed his disappointment in the fact that the iconic Negan/Carl storylines from the Walking Dead comics will never get to be explored. Then you had the young actor’s dad who was pretty angry about the hand they dealt his son’s character and who lashed out at showrunner Scott Gimple and AMC about how they (allegedly) fired him.

How was your reaction to Carl's death on The Walking Dead?