Say hello to the hellish new normal in trailer for Walking Dead's S4 return

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Jan 29, 2014

A new promo for the return of The Walking Dead has arrived, and it’s safe to say the comfort of the prison is long gone.

The latest clip teasing the back half of season four is all too brief, though they manage to cram in a ton of cool stuff. We get a look at Michonne back to her old walker-pet trick, while Rick is barely holding together after the beating he took and Carl is forced to step up.

We also see Tyreese chopping down some zombies, and it’s easy to see that the gang are definitely heading in a few different directions. As anyone who has read the comic can attest, the immediate road ahead will not be an easy one. But once they make it through the rough patch, we'll at least get to meet some fresh faces.

As Rick says in the voiceover: “We’ll never get things back to the way things used to be.” Yeah, that seems pretty obvious.

Check out the clip below and let us know what you think:

Season four resumes Feb. 9 on AMC.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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