Say one final goodbye to Matt Smith with deleted Doctor Who scene + more!

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Dec 26, 2013, 10:40 AM EST

The Time of the Doctor may have ended with an all-new man in the TARDIS, but the actor who made bow ties cool still has one last bow to make.

By now you'll no doubt have watched Matt Smith's final episode, "The Time of the Doctor." You may have loved it, you may have found it confounding, but if you're any sort of Smith fan, the end probably left you weeping like an angel.

But hang on! It's not all over just yet. Here we have a deleted scene that takes one last crack at the Doctor's holographically hidden nudity.

And if you're feeling emotionally constipated and you need to bawl your eyes out a little more, behind-the-scenes footage has also emerged. Yes, Matt Smith says his goodbyes, yes, he seems to have gotten something caught in his eye, and, now he's not the only one. Just watch with a hanky ready.

With that, Matt Smith's time in the TARDIS is well and truly over. Not too bad for the kid who everyone said was far too young to play such an ancient Time Lord, eh?

(via BBC America)