Scarlett Johannson kicks *everyone's* ass in 1st clip for Lucy

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Jul 9, 2014, 6:03 PM EDT

The Fifth Element notwithstanding, we know director Luc Besson more for his action movies than his sci-fi. But in the upcoming sci-fi film Lucy, we see he's not straying far from his fists-of-fury past. In it, our heroine accidentally ingests a drug that amps up her brain power—and happens to make her a furious-fisted superhero. It's the besson of both worlds.

The clip below shows Lucy, played by Scarlett Johansson (Natalia Romanov in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) after she's taken her evil medicine. You can see for yourselves how she gets the upper hand, even when hers are tied behind her back. Besson is a superb writer and director of female characters, and Lucy looks like she's among his very best creations.  

Check it out.

Note: If you like Besson's work, give Lockout a look. It's not as good as The Professional (because nothing is). But it's nevertheless entertaining.

Via io9.