The Major jacks into a robotic mind in new Ghost in the Shell clip

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Apr 26, 2017, 3:35 PM EDT (Updated)

Landing one day after the extended 4-minute opening for Rupert Sanders' Ghost in the Shell snuck online, here's a new clip that appears to pick up shortly after that longer look at Section 9 in action.

In this hypnotic preview, Scarlett Johansson's The Major jacks into the electronic brain of a robot geisha she recently dispatched and wanders around inside its pulsating circuits. The mind-scrambling scene sort of makes me sad that we never saw a big-screen adaptation of William Gibson's Neuromancer, and instead had to settle for cyber-explorations in mediocre movies like Johnny Mnemonic, Strange Days and Lawnmower Man.

However,The Matrix definitely did it right — and in some ways Sanders must have been influenced with many of the The Wachowski's pioneering sequences in that digital realm.

Plunge into a nightmarish mission with The Major dropping into the memory of an android assassin and let us know if you'll take the deep dive when Ghost in the Shell plugs into theaters on March 31.

(Via io9)

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