Schwarzenegger wants to star in a Toxic Avenger remake. Really.

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May 14, 2013

The first superhuman-hero from New Jersey versus the Terminator? 

The Toxic Avenger (along with all things Troma) represents the pinnacle of gross-out humor. It spawned a myriad of sequels and, more recently, was shockingly successful as a stage musical. But it's been nearly three decades since the original film turned an average schlub into a radioactive star, and that can only mean one thing -- time for a remake!

And who better to guarantee that your film will get made than the greatest action hero of them all, Arnold Schwarzengger? In this case, Arnie won't be playing the hero, but, since he's still being touted as a lead, it's safe to say he'll probably take on the role of sinister villain, Cigar Face. As further evidence, we submit that the real-life Schwarzengger loves cigars.

The film is getting presented at Cannes marketplace this week. Toxie already has a script written by Daniel C. Mitchell and Hot Tub Time Machine's Steve Pink (who will also serve as director).

We suspect the film will have no trouble getting backers. There's just one name missing -- original writer/director Lloyd Kaufman. Truly, if there is a king of the gross-out, it is Lloyd, and we can't imagine Toxie without his involvement.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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