Schwarzenegger hams it up in 1st trailer for Stan Lee's Governator

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 14, 2012

Yes, I'm sure you were kind of hoping that Arnold Schwarzenegger's foray into children's animation, The Governator, was some kind of incredibly elaborate April Fools' Day joke. Alas, it was not, as this footage makes abundantly clear.

Complete with Schwarzenegger's voice, a cameo from Larry King—because kids, they love the septuagenarian ex-talk show hosts!—and some of the shoddiest animation since Captain Planet, here's your first look at The Governator in action.

By "borrowing" liberally from The Matrix, Transformers, Tron and Schwarzenegger's own Terminator franchise, The Governator continues the tradition of laughable cartoons based on real people that began with shows like Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos and Mister T. And what's more, Deadline is reporting that a 3-D feature film is also in the offing.

Are we being a little too hard on The Governator? Perhaps. But in a day and age where children are as savvy consumers of pop culture as adults, this sort of thing doesn't just look ill-advised from people who should know better, it doesn't even look like the best execution of whatever it's trying to be.

(via Splash Page)

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