Explore the Upside Down on Schwinn's new Stranger Things bike

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Jun 4, 2018, 7:25 PM EDT

Stranger Things has become a monster hit for Netflix. When the show debuted in 2016, it premiered to little fanfare, but quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. Season 3 is currently being shot, and Stranger Things has been referenced in everything from Jimmy Kimmel Live! to Sesame Street to Saturday Night Live. It's even getting its own attraction at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.

Part of the allure of Stranger Things is undoubtedly its retro appeal. Taking place in the mid-1980s, it is a throwback to the toys, the fashion, and the aesthetics of the neon decade. Now, Schwinn too is cashing in on this retro revival by offering a limited-edition remake of Mike Wheeler's bike.


Mike's Bike features springer front suspension fork, banana-style saddle, classic high rise ape bars, “sissy” bar, rear pegs, coaster brake, front light and bell. Only 500 bikes will be made — once they are gone, they are gone. As is appropriate for an '80s bike, you cannot order this one online, you can only order by calling 1-800-SCHWINN.

Schwinn has even produced an '80s-style commercial to promote the bike:

This isn't the first time Stranger Things has created a demand for retro goodies. A Minnesota museum's website failed when overwhelmed with demand for Dustin's dinosaur sweatshirt. And artists everywhere have been inspired by the show too, including creating Atari cartridges and VHS cases.

Mike's Bike is $379.99 and is limited to 500 bikes. Once they are gone, they are gone.

(via Schwinn)