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Sci-fi Santa returns in Grant Morrison's Klaus and the Crisis in Xmasville

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:48 AM EDT (Updated)

Santa Claus arrives every single winter, like clockwork. But the last few times he’s made his annual return, he’s seemed a little more… awesome.

And this year will be no different, because the Yuletide season will be celebrated by a new Klaus story from legendary comic book writer Grant Morrison and award-winning Dan Mora, which will star their more superheroic take on the jolly old elf. This story, a 48-page one-shot entitled Klaus and the Crisis in Xmasville, will be the third annual release, following the origin story miniseries, and last year’s modern day tale, The Witch of Winter.

Crisis in Xmasville will be set in the 1980s, and will see Klaus contending with an evil werewolf doppelganger from another dimension as well as his army of mind-controlled Santas and a soda corporation that wants to take control of the Santa Claus image.

Morrison said in publisher BOOM! Studios’ press release that, “Last year's Klaus special drew on a lot of traditional Christmas lore from around the world. This year, the influences are more contemporary, and Crisis in Xmasville takes some of its inspiration from the history of soda marketing and Santa.”

The story seems to lead into Klaus’ entrapment for several decades in the core of the moon, which he references and returns from in 2016’s one-shot. With potential space travel, alternate dimensions, and evil corporations, this story seems to be diving into the science fiction elements that have been teased in the background of the so far mostly fantasy series. It will be fun to see this version of Santa Claus—who is like if Conan the Barbarian and Superman’s baby chugged an entire keg of eggnog—deal with some sci-fi weirdness.

Every Klaus issue has been a can’t-miss Christmas event, and this one is sure to be no different, so be sure to check it out when it drops in December, with covers by Dan Mora and John Cassaday. You can check out Mora’s full cover below.