Sci-fi short film Time Trap shows off the real advantage of time travel

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Dec 2, 2014

There is no shortage of awesome short films out there these days, but this is one of the most entertaining and creative sci-fi minis we’ve seen in a while.

Writer and director Michael Shanks (not to be confused with the Stargate SG-1 star of the same name) has released his 7+ minute short Time Trap, which follows a bizarre robot-human-alien guy as he crash-lands on a post-apocalyptic Earth and has to repair his ship to get back on his way.

His tool of choice to replace the two critical elements damaged during the crash? A nifty time-travel device that essentially creates a “time bubble” in and out of which he can travel to grab components. It’s an excellent visual trick, especially for an indie short, and makes for one heck of a fun story.

Overall, the effects and style are all top-notch. The scenes are well-framed, the effects look great, and we just love the low-tech, almost Red Dwarf-esque style of the ship’s internals. Check out the short below and let us know what you think:

(Via Sploid)

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