Sci-fi's 1st hero Buck Rogers gets whole new look for his comic return

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May 17, 2013, 11:48 AM EDT

The 25th century gets an upgrade.

We told you Howard Chaykin would be bringing Buck back, but it turns out our first peek at Chaykin's take on the character was just him aping the classic style. Today we've got the brand-new art that shows us just how Buck's gonna look this coming August, when he returns through Hermes Press.

Buck Rogers, the first, best, and original Sci-Fi hero returns with Howard Chaykin drawing and writing this action packed incarnation of this iconic title. Over eighty years after the creation of the newspaper strip that become a household word, Howard Chaykin has returned the character and his universe back to basics: Buck Rogers, former World War I ace is accidentally suspended in time only to awaken to new and different earth, 500 years in the future, fragmented by war and ruled by an omnipotent force – the Chinese. Now, Buck along with Colonel Wilma Deering, begins a new fight, to free the United States!

We dig the new look. It's got a bit of a Rocketeer feel to it.

Take a look at the latest images and tell us what you think!

(via Bleeding Cool)