Sci-fi TV veteran Jeff Bell will run the show at ABC's V revamp

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Writer Jeff Bell will serve as show runner for the upcoming ABC sci-fi drama V, and ABC offered a few more details about the update of the 1980s alien-invasion miniseries, Variety reported.

Bell (CBS' Harper's Island) was busy Wednesday meeting with the show's new writing staff. The challenge now, he said, is to map out what direction V might take over the next several seasons.

The original V used the story of an alien invasion as an allegory for Nazi Germany; the new V will tackle issues of government, devotion, race and faith, the trade paper reported.

"Especially when you look at our current times, with the economy, wars and social strife, it's the perfect time for a force like this to come along," Bell told the trade paper. "In many ways this is a very American show, about the individual versus society. It's about how America can appreciate and question things that seem to be too good to be true."

ABC has ordered 13 episodes of V this year; the show is set to launch sometime after January. The show will have a definite beginning, middle and end, executives said.

Bell, a veteran of such genre shows as Angel and The X-Files, will work as an executive producer alongside The 4400's Scott Peters, who wrote the V pilot, and Jason Hall and Steve Pearlman. Yves Simoneau directed and executive-produced the pilot.