Battlestar's Number Six and 11 other sexy sci-fi sexbots

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 14, 2012

Yes, robots can do all sorts of things to aid mankind before their inevitable uprising: build cars, check out your groceries, beat humans at Jeopardy!. But as we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the word robot, it's time to look at the most essential androids: the ones that teach us to love.


Blade Runner

A pleasure model, built on Valentine's Day, Pris is one of a quartet of renegade replicants who return to Earth searching for an escape from the prison of their mercilessly short lifespans.


Cherry 2000

What would make a cloistered businessman risk life and limb to cross the post-apocalyptic wastes of the America of 2017? Well, his beloved Cherry 2000 randydroid is busted, and that's where the factory is. So, naturally, he hires Melanie Griffith to get him there and back alive. As one is wont to do.


Battlestar Galactica

This Cylon would prove to be so much more than simply the model who seduced Gaius Baltar into divulging the military secrets that would doom the Twelve Colonies. But we all have to start somewhere.


A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

Shiny, perfect and hollow: Precisely the sort of mecha that Stanley Kubrick would imagine the prostitutes of the future to be. Steven Spielberg, who adopted the project after Kubrick died, added a wee bit of charm.


Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Why must clockwork women so shagadelic also be programmed to kill? (Another question might be: How can robo-assassins this sophisticated not be able to resist Mike Myers' pelvic thrusts?)


Making Mr. Right

When a scientist builds an android replica of himself that's suited for deep-space exploration and it gets in the hands of a female publicist tired of dating foolish mortals ... sexual hijinks ensue!



According to Mr. Universe, you can't stop the signal. Nor can you, apparently, stop a lonely geek from going to whatever lengths necessary for some hot-blonde companionship.


Cyborg 2

One of Angelina Jolie's first films was this sequel to the fistacular Jean-Claude Van Damme post-apocalyptic action movie. She played an infiltration droid that used any means necessary—including naughty means—to get in and do damage.


The Stepford Wives

Each film adaptation of Ira Levin's 1972 novel told of a town in Connecticut where the men had replaced their pesky, free-thinking spouses with obedient, pliable, robot women. The first go-round, in 1975, was written by William Goldman and starred Katharine Ross as the wife who would not go gentle into that robotic night, and it had some satirical teeth. The second, in 2004, was an improbable, unsuccessful comedy starring Nicole Kidman and Matthew Broderick.



In the near future, the Genom Corporation is looking to market a chip that users can plug into their heads that will allow them to download climaxes without the need of another person. To gather the downloadable data, the company builds a series of shapeshifting cyborgs and sends them out into the world to have sex. Oh, Japan ... your kinks are so kinky.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Spike had a thing for the Slayer, see, so he turned to the morally challenged Warren to build him a Buffy to play with. And, oh, Spike did all sorts of bad things to his toy, which would eventually redeem itself in the battle against Glory and during the dark times after the real Buffy bought the real farm.

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