Science proves a real Thor's hammer would essentially destroy the Earth

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Mar 21, 2014, 1:53 PM EDT (Updated)

Yes, we know it’s a comic book. But what would happen if Thor’s legendary hammer, Mjolnir, actually existed? Apparently, very bad things.

The smart gents at Vsauce have put together a video looking into the science of Thor’s hammer and its origin story of being forged inside a dying star. For the sake of argument, they go ahead and ask what would happen if it’d been forged from a neutron star's demise, but the answer is pretty cool, regardless.

Basically? It’d likely destroy the Earth because of its insanely dense mass, which would equal approximately “97 million Titanics condensed into the size of an American football.” Whoa. So if the hammer ever struck the Earth, it’d essentially go straight through it like a wrecking ball and destroy the planet.

(Via Gizmodo)