Science: so what?

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Sep 30, 2009

BABloggee Steven Duckworth just pointed out to me something very cool: the UK government has a campaign running to promote science! It's called (and I love this) "Science: So What? So Everything", and their website has lots of info about science, its impact on society, examples of everyday science, news, science events, and interviews with famous scientists.

It's rare for a government to have such a nice program promoting science, and it's even rarer when they seem to have an actual ability to make it fun... for example, sponsoring a green race car (there's a picture for proof, too)! Of course, it helps when the person who owns the company making the car is Lord Drayson, the UK Minister for Science and Innovation.

All in all, very cool. I'd love to see my own government doing something like this...

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