Scientist proves most boring day in history was April 11, 1954

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

We've all had boring days from time to time, but however boring those days were, they were nothing when compared to April 11, 1954—which according to a Cambridge scientist has been conclusively proven to have been the most boring day in the 20th century.

Computer programmer William Tunstall-Pedoe created a computer program called True Knowledge hoping for a more intelligent way to search online, but recently used it to analyze 300 million facts in search of the most dull day since 1900.

Tunstall-Pedoe says that:

"Nobody significant died that day, no major events apparently occurred and, although a typical day in the 20th century has many notable people being born, for some reason that day had only one who might make that claim—Abdullah Atalar, a Turkish academic.

"The irony is, though, that—having done the calculation—the day is interesting for being exceptionally boring. Unless, that is, you are Abdullah Atalar."

What do you think? Are you convinced? Can a computer be taught to calculate the dullest date ever?

(via The Telegraph)