Scientists and Engineers for America

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Sep 27, 2006

For quite some time, a lot of scientists have been ringing the alarm bell over the torturous policies of the Bush Administration and Congress when it comes to science. I've been talking about it quite a bit on this blog and in some public fora. I told other scientists to get involved; after all, if the Administration doesn't like activist judges, imagine what they would do about activist scientists!

It's time to organize, and it looks like the groundwork has been laid. Michael Stebbins of the Sex, Drugs, and DNA blog has started a new organization to get scientists and engineers to fight back. It's called

Scientists & Engineers for America

It's a good idea, and it's high time for it. They have even created a Bill of Rights for scientists and engineers. It's an interesting list of what kinds of freedom scientists need -- yes, need -- in order to help everyone understand the Universe better. My favorite:

The federal government shall not support any science education program that includes instruction in concepts that are derived from ideology and not science.

Damn skippy.

I joined up, and I plan on finding out how I can help more. You should consider it as well.

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