Scientists have found an exoplanet with rings 200 times bigger than Saturn's

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Jan 29, 2015, 2:45 PM EST (Updated)

The rings of Saturn are an absolutely gorgeous feature of our solar system, but astronomers just found a similar planet that makes them look like a runner-up at best.

According to Popular Science, scientists from Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands and the University of Rochester have found a planet with rings 200 times the size of Saturn's rings. For the sake of comparision: The rings of Saturn are 175,000 miles across; this new planet has a total ring radius of 55 million miles.

The planet is called J1047b and it has 37 rings. To nail down the scope a little more, this planet would be a massive piece of our nightly view if it were sitting in the same spot as Saturn. 

Scientists are working now on some followup research to determine whether the alleged planet is a true exoplanet and not a potential brown dwarf. They’re pretty sure it's not a star, itself, though it could be something essentially “stuck” between being a planet and a star. Regardless, this sounds like an insanely cool planet.

An artist's rendering can be seen above, and a video digging into the discovery is below. We need to get some FTL drives working ASAP, because we want to take a space cruise to check this one out.

(Via Popular Science)