Scientists say we might be living inside a wormhole RIGHT NOW!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

If you thought only Farscape's John Crichton got to journey through a wormhole, think again. You could be traveling through a wormhole even as you read these words, according to scientist Nikodem Poplawski, as reported in sciencemag.

Poplawski, faced with several inexplicable aspects of our universe—for example, that scientists have been unable to create a mathematical formula uniting gravity with the other basic forces of nature, such as the strong and weak nuclear forces and electromagnetism, plus the fact that dark energy seems to be expanding and accelerating when it should be contracting or slowing—believes that it can all make sense if we toss out the Big Bang and start thinking wormhole instead.

Per sciencemag:

According to Poplawski's calculations, the collapse of a giant star in another universe could have created a wormhole, a space-time conduit to another universe. Between these two openings, conditions could have developed that were similar to those we associate with the big bang, and therefore our universe could have formed within the wormhole.

Such a scenario could address the quandaries about gravity and the expanding universe. If another universe existed before our own, gravity could be traced back to a point where it did unite with the nuclear forces and electromagnetism. And if our universe is now expanding toward the other end of the wormhole, this movement--rather than the elusive dark energy--could account for our expanding universe.

If you'd like to dive into Poplawski's theory, you can check out his abstract here, though it appears as if the full paper is hidden behind a paywall.

But if you'd planned to use his research to travel back through the wormhole to that other universe—don't even try. Because, according to Poplawski, "You will be stuck."

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