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Scott Williams inks Batman

Scott Williams shows us how to masterfully ink The Dark Knight

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Sep 22, 2017, 10:10 PM EDT

It's impossible to overstate the importance of an inker to the process of creating a comic book. Often it's the inker who makes sure the power in the raw pencils is channeled into a truly compelling piece of finished comic art. It's the inker who often is relied on to provide the nuance and texture to the page. With a character like Batman, where the mood is so important, it's the inker who often captures the mood with the shadows and the minute details that the reader often takes for granted.

Scott Williams has inked more than his share of the Caped Crusader's comic adventures. From the legendary Hush storyline to All-Star Batman & Robin, Williams has proven indispensable to complementing Jim Lee's vibrant Bat-pencils. The duo's relationship stretches back to the halcyon days at Marvel, when their art on X-Men turned the comics world upside down. It's no wonder Williams earned the Sinnott Hall of Fame Inkwell Award in 2012.

Williams joined SYFY WIRE for an inking demo to show his refined technique. He brought along a pencil sketch of Batman -- who else? -- that he did ahead of time so he could focus on what he does best. Sit back and enjoy the artistry!