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Scream casts Mary J. Blige for post-Weinstein, rebooted Season 3 at MTV

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Aug 16, 2018, 3:12 PM EDT

MTV’s Scream never had its third season cancelled, just kicked down the road for a few years while the show dealt with its behind-the-scenes problems. Now, after managing its dirty laundry, the show is revitalizing interest in meta-horror with a big casting announcement for the upcoming season.

The plan for Season 3 was a reboot of the show — featuring Tyler Posey, Keke Palmer, RJ Cyler, Jessica Sula, Giorgia Whigham, Giullian Yao Gioiello, Tyga, and C.J. Wallace -— that would air its six episodes starting in March.

That didn’t happen — and it wasn’t the original Ghostface (who will be returning) to blame. It’s because the show was originally executive produced by Harvey and Bob Weinstein. Ridding itself of that particularly nasty burden took some time, but now the series is showing that it’s still alive.

According to MTV, the big addition to the cast is newly-minted Oscar-nominee Mary J. Blige. The singer/actress will play “the hard-working mom of a high school football star who — you guessed it — is marked for murder.” Fans may hazard a fair guess that almost all members of the cast will be affected by or accused of murder at some point. That’s just the nature of the franchise.

While there’s no new release date yet — which bodes for a change in creative direction even stronger than the series’ proclaimed reboot happening this season — fans can rest assured that Ghostface and Scream are still alive (for now) at MTV.

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